Rent The Runway

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear the gowns & dresses that the stars wear on the red carpet? What it’s like to have designers like Proenza Schouler, Diane Von Furstenburg, Badgley Mischka hanging in your own closet?

Well rejoice, a new grassroots company called “Rent the Runway” is making it happen & all at recession-friendly prices. Designer dresses usually running between $500-$3,000 to buy are offered on RTR at $50-$300 for  a 4 night rental.

Badgley Mishka

Rental: $50 Retail: $520

Robert Rodriguez

Rental: $75 Retail: $650

Philoposhy Di Alberta Ferretti

Rental: $150 Retail: $1,125

Once you click & pick the dress you want online, your dress is delivered straight to your doorstep – in two different sizes, just to be safe. After your event just put it in the prepaid packaging & drop it in your mailbox. It’s almost as easy as renting a movie from Netflix!

Rent the Runway was founded by two recent Harvard Business School graduates, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss. Ms. Hyman said she got the idea for the service last year after watching her younger sister agonize over whether to buy an expensive new outfit to wear to a wedding.

“Here was this young girl who loves fashion and was willing to spend a good portion of her salary on a dress that she’s only going to wear once or twice, and I thought, there has to be a solution for this,” said Ms. Hyman.

Jennifer Hyman, left, and Jennifer Carter Fleiss at Rent the Runway headquarters.

In this tough economy, businesses that are socially responsive to the green movement of recycling clothing PLUS giving fashionistas the designer dresses they’ve always wanted, all at attractive prices, they are sure to succeed! As a matter of fact, just last week they moved out of their tiny rented spot & got their own huge office space in NYC (complete with swanky couches and hot pink walls.)

More power to them!



In the mail today, I noticed this new catalog for Sorrelli’s Spring 2010 Collection. Unique is definitely a good word to describe this line of jewelry, defined by bold, bright yet delicate jewel combinations. Sorrelli jewelry is hand crafted from genuine semi-precious stones and high quality Austrian crystals. It is designed to become heirlooms, handed down through the generations. And believe it or not, it’s actually affordable.

I first learned of Sorrelli when I received these earrings as a birthday gift from my boyfriend’s mom:

We have similar tastes in jewelry so when she gave them to me she said “I think you’ll really like this company” and handed me the catalog for that season. I fell in love instantly. Each turn of the page was even more stunning than the first! The style of photography is similar to the actual jewelry.. bold, bright & delicate.

Lisa Oswald, Sorrelli’s creator, knew she was interested in designing jewelry from the young age of 8. She would make beads from the clay she found in a stream-bed near her home, bake them in her mother’s oven, and sell them to her aunts. So she was not just a creative young woman but a little businesswoman, too!

While working toward her BFA at Kutztown University Lisa met her husband, Kermit Oswald. After graduating, in 1983, she began her long awaited business venture with the help of her twin sisters, Susie & Sandy. Together they named the company Sorrelli, which is adapted from the Italian word for sisters,“sorrelle”. Their mission statement is “to create beautiful jewelry and bring enjoyment to those who wear it.” It’s very clear they have accomplished this & more over the past 27 years.

Rock on Sorrelli Sisters … ♥

Check them out & subscribe to their catalog right NOW:

Hello World!

So glad you found me, glad you could make it

This is my first blog;  and my first blog post. Ever.

I created this blog because I feel that I have a lot to share and a lot that I want the world to know.

I want to start movements! And blog is a decent start, right?

My goal is to focus mostly on ideas, admirable people, movements I stand for, products or companies I love, personal experiences, tips for life, etc. But I guess that my blog will just have to take it’s own form eventually…

So stay tuned!